Our Classes

We offer classes at Children's centres, community buildings and termly sessions at various Schools 

                             ​Drama Llamas                              
Ages 2-4 years 

These classes are very fun and energetic! Children will explore their own imaginations through story telling and re-enactment. We will travel to lots of MAGICAL new worlds!. Children will also learn how to understand and express their own emotions as well as engage with those around them. A truly free and safe space in which children will not only develop their own personalities but will develop confidence and self-awareness. Children will also explore movement and experiment with their voices! During these sessions children will also engage in craft play which allows them to become creative through visual arts, realising new worlds, characters and concepts through creating pictures and pieces of personal art. 

Drama Stars
Ages 4-11 years  

Drama Stars aims to explore more complex emotions and concepts with children to develop a better understanding of how to express themselves creatively and freely, by using drama games and activities to explore their imagination. Children will produce short performances and participate in workshops to establish self-confidence. Furthermore, our Drama Star classes will also;

  • Enhance vocabulary

  • Improve concentration

  • Develop listening skills

  • Explore movement and sound

  • Teach dramatic conventions 

  • Encourage team work

  • Help form positive friendships.

All this in a fun and safe environment using lots of IMAGINATION whilst also receiving lots and lots of positive praise!! ​

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